The literal meaning of yantra is machine. It is a Sanskrit word meaning mystical diagram. These are specially designed diagram with mystical & magical properties yantras play a very important role in eastern astrology and Indian religions. It is basically a geometrical figure which is inscribed in metal plates or a paper or drawn on walls directly.The yantras are based on the ancient Hindu Vedic technique and are repersentation of various mantras and deities.

The origin of yantra can be traced back to the ancient Vedic age. It holds a lot of importance in Hinduism & Buddhism.symbol like circle, dot, triangle, square and others are used to make yantra which are representation of cosmic energies and power. Yantra are made on various objects like paper, metal, precious or semi precious stones etc.

Various mantras or cosmic energies are diagrammatically represented by yantras, Which resonates positive energy, dispels negitivity and act as a protective and spritual device. Based on various factor there are several types of yantras such as neumrological yantra, Devi-Devta yantra, Navgrah yantra, some of yantras are shree yantra, Durga Beesa yantra, Kuber yantra,vashikarn yantra and various others. However as per Vedic shastra the most powerful and auspicious yantra is the shree yantra as it encompasses the energy of all the goddesses.

Yantras are believed to bring about positive energies and are very powerful devices and help in bringing peace, prosperity,Wealth, good fortune and protections to its believers. They help people to bring about positive changes in their personal lives and attain their dreams & wishes.It is designed in a specific way that it represents all the five natural elements-air, water, earth, fire and sky and if one worships it with great devotion and reverence,it helps the worshipper in various aspects of their lives and showers great blessings on them.

Once you get a specific yantar there are few rites and rituals to be performed before you starts using yantra. It is believed in order to yield the best results from the device, it needs to be activated by siddhipooja . Yantras are very important role in Vedic astrology. Because of magnificent powers of yantra it is used as astrological remedies.

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