Vedic astrology

Human beings in their life face a lot of pain, misery and troubles, which affect them both emotionally as well as physically. To avoid pain and to seek pleasure has been one of the major objectives of our lives. The other major objective for a select few of us is to know our true self and to know the ultimate reality and be one with it. Whether the objective is material or spiritual, as per one’s destiny there could be a lot of hurdles. Vedic (Indian) astrology has not only given us tools to determine what’s destiny has in store for us but also ways to avoid the hurdles in achieving our material or spiritual goals. Know about all its Astrological Combinations, for example, Lagan Kundli, Moon Kundli, Navmansh Kundli, and Divisional Chart Analysis including analysis of current running Dashas of planets. Find out which planet is creating more problems in your Gochar and which planet is giving relief. Find out planetary positions in Shadbal. Also, look for same planets strength in Ashtak Varga and Bhav Bal whether it is strong or weak. Find out Karak Graha’s stage in your Kundli. For the solution, you need to find out which Graha or house needs to be made strong or weak which remedy, jaap, mantra, daan, karm will make it weak or strong.Which Planet’s things you have to donate and whether you have to donate it at a temple, donate it to a beggar or an animal or poured it in a river. Just like an Doctor knows which salt will give relief to which disease, similarly, a good astrologer will guide you in a proper way to cure your problems.A doctor needs to determine your health and other drug history before prescribing a medicine. he does that to make sure that there are no unwanted interactions with other drugs you are taking, your body will be able to take the side effects and the drug will be effective given your age, weight, blood pressure etc. An astrologer pretty much needs to do a similar analysis. e.g. Let’s say that a native comes to you with a problem of not able to gain a lot wealth. Now the problem has two parts, he must be able to make a lot of money as well as he must be able to accumulate a lot of wealth by proper savings or investments. What if you suggest a remedy, which will help him, earn a lot of money by making a particular planet stronger? But what if that planet is bad for accumulating wealth? By suggesting that remedy you just made sure that he will earn a lot of money but will not be able to save or invest it properly. That person will obviously come back later on and say that the remedy never worked. The correct way of suggesting the remedy is as follows.

* First Determine the overall bad and good effects of all planets in the chart.

* Next determine the strength of all those planets.

* Next determine what is causing the trouble. A weak but good planet or a strong but malefic planet.

* If both of the above cases are present then choose the weak but the good planet for remedy.

* If weak but good panet is picked for remedy, determine if that planet is capable of producing bad effects for any house. Check the strength of that house, if the house is otherwise strong proceed, otherwise also include in your remedy the good planet for that chart to protect that house.

* If strong but malefic planet is picked up for remedy, determine if that planet (specially the houses on which that planet lords over) is good for any house. Repeat the same check as explained above to make the affected house stronger.

* Finally check the dasha scheme, check the relationship of the planet with the dasha lord and see if they are compatible. If not compatible then suggest a remedy for the dasha lord instead of the planet in question.

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